Hi - I'm the guy from the internet neighborhood! :-)


In the past I was able to work on projects for and with amazing personalities and companies. Because I think the most important thing about business is growing a strong network, this is the page thanking them. Please note that I am just a human and if you don't find your name on here, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy doing business with you!


Please note that this is not an extensive listing as most companies require signing a NDA these days.

Facepunch Studios LTD - The company behind "Garry's Mod" and "Rust". I had the honor to work on the anti-cheat at my early age and hosted their world-wide server infrastructure.

Multiplay (UK) Limited - Great people with excellent knowledge in the gameserver hosting business. I had the pleasure to provide advice and consulting regarding Rust and Oxide Mod hosting.

retarus GmbH - Initially starting as an apprentice, I was given the opportunity to work on both conceptual and operational IT security for Retarus - a managed email, fax, sms and edi provider.


This section is reserved for colleagues, friends and other people who (heavily) influenced my life. They helped me to enhance various skills and thought me important things.

Hendrik Reimertshofer - Hendrik set up the first company for me back when I was too young to legally own one. He also invested in the first server and taught me lot business basics when I was just 15 years old.

Ulrich Strunz - I met Uli while playing computer games (also when I was pretty young) and he joined me as a business partner when I took over the company Hendrik set up. I would describe him as a genious visionary, paired with a high sense of understanding people. Without him, there is no way my social and business skills would have evolved the way they did during the years we have worked together.

Florian Moschner - We have met in voccational school, became close friends and started the RootNerds brand in 2012. He helped me to drastically enhance my linux and computer networking skills and was always there to give his thought when complex problems arised.

Jean Kleisz - We met in 2015 and quickly started doing filming projects together. Jean is one of the persons I wish I would have met earlier in my life. He is not only an extremely skilled creative director, he also inspires people with his very unique lifestyle. Beside that, he has a great understanding of business and owns a snowboard brand.

Steven Funke & Alexander Gebhardt - I had the pleasure to work with both during their early ages, first as community administrators and later as employees. It's rare to find people like Alex and Steven, highly motivated and always there to move things forward quickly.

Other thanks (in no specific order)
Phillip Deml, Michael Kaltenecker, Thomas Bednarz, Gregor Steiner, Ashley Blattner, Luke Spragg, Michael Schinzel, Matthias Frey, Gustaf Akerman, Phillip Tusch, Kevin Vanderbist, Phillip Oswald, Michael Pohl, Matthias Schneider