Technical Skills

  • General: Linux administration and Basic Windows Server administration
  • IT Security (Operational): Nessus Professional™ Vulnerability Scanner, Wireshark, Root Certificate Authority administration with OpenSSL
  • IT Security (Procedures): Establishing security guidelines, preparing SOC1/SOC2 interview materials, reviewing IT projects
  • Physical security: Mobotix, AXIS and Milesight cameras, Milestone and Heitel DVRs, remote I/O systems (PIR-sensors, …)
  • Web technologies: HTML5 and CSS, WordPress administration, Caddy Webserver, NGINX, HAproxy
  • DNS infrastructure: large unbound public resolver setups with 100k pps DNS traffic

You can find out more by reading about my current and past projects.

Creative, media and marketing related skills

  • Video camera operation: Canon XF series, Panasonic GH series, Sony alpha 7 series
  • Aerial videography & operation: 5 years in drone operation (mainly DJI professional series), remote camera operation
  • Video gear operation: DJI Ronin series, Atomos Shogun, Blackmagic converters
  • Livecut & editing software: Livestream studio and Adobe Premiere
  • Designing efficient production workflows from first concept to video delivery
  • Digital signage with live content for events and retail stores
  • Social media analysis and growth strategies


I strongly believe that being passionate is one of the key factors to success. I am highly motivated and can motivate others alike for projects that I believe in. Discovering new things is something I enjoy – and understanding how things work is important to me. And I am not the best at writing about myself as a person – though, I am constantly trying to enhance that.