May 2022 onward.
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Recorded Future

January 2022 onward; partially as Head of Marketing for the SecurityTrails brand, since mid-2022 as Head of Research for the SecurityTrails brand.

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Late 2017 (officially April 2018), acquired by Recorded Future in January 2022 for $ 65M.

Product Management & Marketing
When I came on board the project very early, Chris Ueland had acquired a lot of data and had a vision that companies should “never have embarrassing moments because they are vulnerable from the outside”. In my previous position, this was always a problem that I saw and I was surprised that even industry-standard products would not provide an extensive “outside view” of a company. We started off building this product using an “API first” approach – this also allowed us to get involved with Open Source projects and build a thriving community early on. Marketing also focused on content back then – always keeping our community and real value for our target group in mind.

Head of Marketing
After about two years, the company kept growing, and I slowly moved out of Product Management and focused on our Marketing efforts. During my time involved in Marketing, we produced over 300 meaningful blog posts, many of them involving our community and highly respected members of the it-security and bug bounty community, including todayisnew, hakluke, codingo and STÖK.


formerly Ideal-Hosting UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Until end of 2018.

Video Production – Livestreaming
In 2015 we began seeing a trend in live-streaming, mostly from oversea companies. At this time we were just beginning building our video production portfolio and immediately picked up the idea of offering live video productions on the internet at “real TV” scale. In 2015 we had our first client – a local festival and in the following years we partnered with maestro, the leading live streaming solution empowering Ultra Music Festival, the Grammys and other well known brands.

Video Production – Advertising
In 2016 through some coincidences while building websites, we were given the opportunity to create concepts for TV advertisement campaigns we carried out throughout the year. With a team of just ten employees and a pre-production time of just four weeks, we managed to organize the shoot in Lappland, Sweden – a though region which is only reachable by special delivery trucks.

Information Technology – Managed Hosting
Between 2013 and 2017 we offered Managed Hosting for large scale websites and blogs with special requirements. Long term customers included Apfelpage and Sonniss which both had unique requirements, including high visitor peaks during specific events (e.g. Apple keynotes).


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OxideMod Network

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Neonlogism Entertainment

2017 until 2018. After working primarily with digital ad campaigns in 2017, we got back to an idea we had for a long time – organizing high quality party events in Munich which don’t have the primary purpose of just drinking. During the last years we had built friendships not only with DJs but also venues in Munich, allowing us to organize an event in the city-center. This was heavily supported by a marketing campaign targeting students. Technologies: Facebook, iZettle, Info-Beamer and Google Ads


2016 until 2018. When I noticed that many of our friends wanted to go to the Let It Roll Summer Open-Air, we decided to talk to them and a partnership with the festival organizers evolved quickly. This allowed us to charter a full-size bus going from Munich to the Czech Republic – transporting our equipment, friends, and people who pre-booked tickets for our bus tour. The bus featured a live DJ, an MC and sponsored beer by a local brewery. Feedback was positive, and we held a five-star rating on Facebook. Technologies: Eventbrite, custom software for ticket & bag tags printing


Sep 2012 until Mid 2016. RootNerds provided high-quality but affordable VPS and dedicated servers. The main target group for marketing was system administrators who already knew about VPS and related services. It was sold to an Indian hosting company in 2016.
Technologies: OpenVZ, SolusVM, WHMCS, cPanel, CentOS & Ubuntu Server, Google Ads, AdRolls


Mid 2011 until 2016. We opened the same hosting platform we used for the Gmod.biZ Garry’s Mod servers to the public. Gmod.EU was known for excellent service, stable hosting and expert knowledge.


Apr 2009 until 2016. In 2008 I discovered a new game called Garry’s Mod and saw the potential of creating a community and selling services around it. In 2011 we started with one game server and a forum. In the end, we counted over 8500 members on our community forums and a steam group of 25000 members.


2008 until 2011. “No-Server” was started as a high-quality Counter-Strike:Source server hosting provider 2009, after hosting a server at home for a while. When I wanted to purchase a server, I figured out that it was either expensive but high quality or cheap but bad quality. The brand was promoted on several local events such as LAN parties.
Technologies: Source Server (HLDS), Website was basic HTML & CSS, WHMCS, TCADMIN, LiveZilla